• For Advertisers
    Traffic from direct publishers only
    Delivering ads to your audience.
    Advanced targeting by GEO, OS,
    browser, web or mobile device and frequency capping.
    100% Self-service platform

  • For Publishers
    Payouts are higher than anywhere
    else due to optimization of each site
    and selecting the best offers.
    Monetize your web and mobile traffic
    and get maximum profit from your traffic.

Traffic Market.pro

Technology advertising in any format and on any platform
  • Analytics

    Traffik Market makes it possible to carry out a comprehensive analysis of advertising campaigns

  • Targeting

    For our advertisers access to a wide range of targeting options, with the ability to customize

  • New formats

    New advertising formats and new audience to the premium sites, where previously not been available for video ads

  • Technical support

    Hour and a support personal manager for each partner. Continuous monitoring and rapid server